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Salsabor Y Cache...presents

Salsabor Y Cache Puerto Rico 1999

Puerto Rico, San Juan

World Salsa Congress 1999

About Salsabor Y Cahcè

Salsabor Y Cachè was founded in 1998 by Rogelio Moreno, Alyra Lennoz and Joel Hernandez, in a small room in Los Angeles, Ca.

The name "Salsabor Y Cachè" was chosen by Rogelio Moreno. Alyra Lenox mentioned the name after a long night of brain storming by the three founder.


"Why don't we call the team: Salsabor Y Cachè", I have the FLAVOR, Rogelio has the CACHÈ and we dance SALSA!  (Alyra suggested.) "I like that name: Salsabor Y Cachè" (Rogelio replied). And that has been the name since then.

(Abbreviation: SYC)

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