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Rogelio Moreno is one of the L. A. Salsa Style Creators and Pioneers. Co-founder of renowned world wide dance team Salsabor Y Cache.


Though born in Chicago Illinois, lived most of his childhood in Guadalajara, Mexico before relocating with his family to Los Angeles.


Throughout his teens his practices were very strict and professional. Rogelio became a very active participant in many athletic sports like basketball, volleyball, soccer and boxing but he maintained his love for dance by frequenting the Latin clubs.


The seed of his passion for dance was planted in him the day he was born and has only continued to flourish since then. He went from dancing his own steps at family parties at the age of five, to learning the structure of dances such as salsa, cha-cha, merengue, mambo, bolero, quebradita, punta and the Mexican waltz from his grandmother and his parents to dancing his own steps once again; but this time, with the knowledge and adeptness to combine his god-given, natural talent with the predefined form and technique, which has thus created his unique and elegant style for which he is well known in all parts of the world.


Rogelio has 30 + years of experience performing and teaching, his captivating style has harnessed the attention of everyone from Japanese event coordinators to Hollywood producers and directors.

He choreographed one of the most prestigious events in the Latin Music Industry "The Latin Grammies". Also performing as a feature dancer with the one and only "The Queen of Salsa" Celia Cruz.

He was also a feature dancers in various celebrities' performances all over the world and locally such as with:

Marc Anthony, Oscar D' Leon, Jose Alberto "El Canario", Roberto Roena, El Gran Combo De Puerto Rico, Celia Cruz, Tito Puente and many more.

Dance coached and inspired thousands of people and celebrities throughout his career such as:

Madonna, Antonio Banderas, Marc Anthony, Chayanne, Jennifer Lopez and Paul Rodriguez just to name a few.

It has awarded him with appearances on various television shows such as: "NYPD Blue", "Hola Los Angeles", and "Buenos Dias". He has choreographed as well as been featured in several commercials and he has also been a featured dancer in numerous feature films like: "Dance With Me", (Featuring: Puerto Rican Singer: Chayanne and former Miss America and Hollywood Actress: Vanessa Williams)., "Buddy Faro" and "Looking for Lola".


His superior talent has bestowed on him numerous trophies from dance competitions, and has given him the opportunity to travel to beautiful and exotic places all over the world to share with others the radiance and passion that emanate from these sensuous and exquisite dances, when danced from the heart. Rogelio is in demand for his teaching, choreography and acting.


He can bring music to the eyes of the deaf: his heart keeps the beat of the clave, his body the bass, piano, violin and horns and his feet play the congas and sing. He is a one man band with a dancing show. A talent surpassed by no one .

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